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Fleet Management

Securysat Fleet Management module provides monitoring and vehicle tracking system for companies wanting to reduce costs related to the use of their vehicles.

Securysat Fleet guarantees better management, significant time savings, and improved operational controls.


The Securysat TT anti-theft system provides prevention for vehicle theft.

Reduce the risk of theft and avoid long insurance approval processes by installing the Securysat anti-theft system in all your vehicles.

Fuel tracking

The Securysat Fuel Tracking module detects fuel theft, either by drainage or overfilling.

By installing the Fuel Tracker device, you detect remotely and at any time fuel theft and cases of suspected fuel consumption.

Temperature Measurement

The Securysat Temperature Module ensures proper maintenance of the cold chain. It offers the refrigerated transport sector infallible and remote tools to measure the temperature of remote at all times.

By installing the Securysat Temperature module you are remotely controlling the temperature variations of your transport, cargo, containers or vehicles. Sudden temperature changes are immediately reported enabling corrective action to conserve the merchandise.

Securysat GIS

The Securysat GIS module offers you the ability to manage complex data.

Securysat GIS (Geographic Information System) is a cartographical interface which enables you to track vehicles, persons or object on different and sometimes custom/customer specific or more detailed maps.


Securysat Eco-Driving module helps to improve the environment by rectifying driving behavior to ensure cost savings of fuel and maintenance of your vehicles.

Eco-Driving helps to correct the driving style in real-time by evaluating the actual driving behavior and the chosen travel route. It provides the driver with instant feedback so that he can adapt and change his driving style on the spot. Results are better driving habits, reduced CO2 emissions and substantial savings of fuel and maintenance costs.

If you wish to improve the behavior of your drivers and decrease your ecological footprint, the Eco-Driving module is made for you!

Mobile Application

The Securysat Mobile application is free and provides access to Securysat Fleet Management module, which is our vehicle tracking and control system for companies who want to reduce costs related to their fleet of vehicles.

It is not necessary to check your PC constantly. If you’re on the move and want to know where is your field staff, simply consult Securysat Mobile application with 2 clicks.

Web Services

Web Services Securysat ensures integration, exchange and consolidation of information collected by Securysat devices and accessories with your back-end systems: CRM, ERP, fleet management software or other software.

No need to juggle countless Excel spreadsheets to finish your work: with Web Services everything is just a click away.

Asset Management

The Securysat Asset Management module permits you to remotely track and monitor objects such as: containers, tools, equipment or urban work site tools and optimize their use by better management.

Stray trailers? Misplaced or damaged containers? Construction equipment that disappears?

The Asset Management module gives you a way to effectively manage and secure your field assets by monitoring their position and their movements at any time.

Maintenance Management Module

The Securysat Maintenance Module allows for effective planning and scheduling of maintenance for vehicles and equipment as well as maintenance cost analysis of for each individual vehicle.

Maintenance alerts are created for each vehicle. These can be based on mileage, hours of use, duration of contact or pre-set date.

Services Module

The Securysat Services Module permits effective work-time tracking by recording the actual time in the field in 3 ways:

  • Driver and the passengers journey time in the vehicle ( badging with Dallas Keys or Mifare badges),
  • Clocking on mobile punchclock,
  • Clocking on a mobile terminal of a smartphone or tablet.

This data collection automates actual work time calculations by means of a powerful algorithm which correct human errors of clocking, travel expenses reporting and the actual hours worked resulting in correct reporting to company ERP systems and the social security authorities.

For large construction sites, the mandatory pre-registration of each worker in the  Checkinatwork service is automated (option).