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Equipment installation, startup and technical service
We offer expert/professional installation, startup and technical maintenance of (MEP, BMS, HVAC and ELV controls. We offer equipment maintenance during in warranty and post-warranty.

Contractual maintenance
Service is rendered on a regular basis in accordance with the existing maintenance contract, without special application by the Customer. Maintenance and restoration services are provided in accordance with the service contract.

24/7 break-down/failure response and equipment on-line supervision
We offer 24/7maintenance of BMS/ELV. on-line or onsite to ensure smooth operation and maximum utilization of the equipment.

Technical support to the service personnel of the customer
All our customers can enjoy a call center service to get necessary technical guidelines for equipment operation and maintenance.
We perform technical inspection of the systems and working conditions. On the basis of the collected data we prepare a report for the customer about the the technical condition of the equipment supplied with competent recommendations aimed at ensuring most efficient operational mode.

Programming and installing controllers, automation control equipment setup
We offer automatic control solutions and equipment for various technological processes ranging from the choice of equipment, programming and setup to installation and further maintenance. Additionally, at the customers’ request, we make corresponding necessary changes to the system.