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Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveying

IBMS Ltd Quantity Surveyors are professional Chartered Quantity Surveying company, which provides a full range of comprehensive and competitive Quantity Surveying, Construction Cost Consultancy and Estimating / Tendering Services to the Construction Industry. We are a firm of Chartered Quantity Surveyors based in Rwanda and provide services throughout both East Africa. Our firm employs a Chartered Quantity Surveyor who is available to work on clients projects.

SC Quantity Surveyors has over 10 years experience in all aspects of the construction industry including residential, commercial, health and education. We provide Quantity Surveying & Estimating Services to a wide variety of clients in the private and public sectors including contractors and sub-contractors.

Our starting point is an appreciation of our Clients needs, requirements and aspirations for the project. SC Quantity Surveyors primary goal is to establish and meet our client’s objectives, and to provide our client’s with the best possible services resulting in a finished project that is completed both on time and within budget and which exceeds the client’s requirements. The practice has access to a wide variety of services under one roof with a highly qualified and experienced Senior Level Chartered Quantity Surveyor available on a consultancy, contract or freelance basis to suit the clients needs.

The practice also carries full Professional Indemnity Insurance to satisfy all of our work requirements.

Please feel free to review our website and if required do not hesitate to contact SC Quantity Surveyors for further details.

Quantity Surveying Services

SC Quantity Surveyors brings a depth of knowledge and expertise to every construction project across many sectors by providing professional Quantity Surveying Services. We work closely with clients within all sectors of the construction industry which includes consultants, main contractors and sub-contractors in both the private and public sectors.

Our professional core services have been built on our reputation to provide commercially aware advice, excellence and professionalism and to operate and develop our main services to meet the needs of our Clients throughout the UK to help ensure their projects are completed to the required specifications and within the time and cost constraints available.

For further details on the full range of professional Quantity Surveying Services provided by us please click the link.

Tendering & Estimating Services

SC Quantity Surveyors have extensive detailed in depth knowledge and experience of construction methods and costs within all areas of construction and trades which enables us to undertake on behalf of our clients, consultants, contractors and sub-contractors tendering and estimating services on a variety of procurement methods such at Traditional, Design & Build, Drawings & Spec, Frameworks, Schedule of Rates etc…

In addition to providing Estimating & Tendering Services to our clients SC Quantity Surveyors can provide a professional Bills of Quantities solution thereby saving contractors and sub-contractors the high costs involved in employing a full time department to carry out this work. We can then use the Bill of Quantities document along with the drawings and specification to price the works using competitive rates from the clients preferred sub-contractors and suppliers and arrive at the tender figure for submission to the client for approval.

For further details on the Tendering & Estimating Services provided by us;

Estimating and Tendering

SC Quantity Surveyors can provide full Estimating and Tendering solutions to all our clients, including Main Contractors and Sub-Contractors. Our coverage includes a wide variety of areas including residential, commercial, industrial, sports & recreation facilities, retail facilities and hotels etc…

The Estimating & Tendering services which we provide our clients with includes:


Estimating & Tendering for Main Contractors & Sub-Contractors

  • Builders Quantities produced from drawings and specifications
  • Preparation and submission of accurate competitive tenders / estimates
  • Following up on submitted tenders to secure projects for our Clients
  • Negotiating submitted tenders / contracts


Quantity Surveyors in IBMS Ltd  have an important role to play in raising the ability of construction work and decreasing conflict by ensuring that the most suitable procurement method is appointed, providing effective cost control system and make certain value for money at all times. IBMS Ltd Quantity surveyor operates a large range of competencies outside the traditional quantity surveying activities.

Lastly, IBMS Ltd Quantity Surveyors have a significant role in developing your  efficiency of controlling the construction projects by their knowledge of processes conjoined with project and management of their knowledge. Their skills in the field of legal policy, by the application of such techniques as tendering and early stage selection of contractor, all play a huge part in the survival of construction industry from the financial crisis.