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With our strong experience sourcing equipment from Europe, United States, East and South Asia, Africa and the Middle East, we can aid with the supply of almost any product.
We are trusted by our clients to deliver the full life cycle management of a project from factory selection to completion.

Emerging Markets
Sourcing the best products for our clients is much more than utilising the wide variety of factories in the Far East although it’s no secret that much of the world’s consumer products are manufactured in China. We help our clients navigate lesser-known markets to seek out the best product available on pricing and quality.
Our team will ensure you reap the rewards of a flexible supply chain whilst eliminating the risk.

Supplier Selection
We build strong working relationships with our suppliers, we understand that very rarely it is crucial for us to hold a manufacturer to account for our clients. In that unlikely event of manufacturing challenges, our clients have no doubt that we are committed to the best solutions for their interests.

Cost Reduction
We understand that a competitively priced product is essential for a project success. With international markets fluctuating, currency falling and raw material costs rising, we know how critical it is to continue to deliver commercially viable products to the consumer. We help our clients with specification development, material cost negotiation and pricing reviews to ensure a commercially viable product.

Quality Management
Whether your product will sit amongst the shelves of a discount retailer or luxury store, the respective quality of this product is the major factor on its value to the consumer. We build assured and meticulous quality management plans for our clients to ensure no product is received to a substandard quality.

Contingency and Risk Management
We believe contingency and risk management for our clients should be a completely customised service. We help our clients understand the risks associated with market they are manufacturing from and work to mitigate these risks. From creating secure back up replica supply chains to eliminate lead-time failures, we work with our clients to eliminate the risks that damage their projects.

Product Compliance
As any manufacturing partner should, we make consumer safety our top priority. We work with leading independent laboratories to offer recommendations on compliance for any international market and our technical team manages the entire process through to ensure our clients meet legislative requirements and their products are safe for market.

Case Studies