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About Us Basic


It all started back in 2006, when Mr. Francis Katabarwa the Co-founder of IBMS Ltd graduated and got his high level experience from the United Kingdom while he worked with one of the best telecom companies like Virgin Media, AVC Group under Sky Networks for over 5 years. Seeking business opportunity in East Africa, Francis brought with him a company called IBMS Ltd with an exclusive distribution dealership from different manufacturers in Security and Home Automotive Systems for the territory of East African based in Rwanda. With a hard working, determined, passionate and business-minded personality, Francis was able to create IBMS Ltd into a profitable powerhouse, which until today stands as one of Rwandan landmarks in Integrated Building Management Systems. Building on the success of IBMS Ltd, IBMS Ltd was born as more business ventures were added to the business portfolio.

IBMS is one of the leading service providers in consultancy of MEP, supply and service support of Building Management Systems, Building Renovation, Networking and Security Systems.

We apply technology in the built environment to improve efficiency and usability, delivering innovative high value results. Our integration is of innovative solutions resulting in the right solution for the client outcome.

Our services include, Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation.

We believe in the processing of enhancing traditional methods (MEP, BMS, HVAC and ELV controls), integrating all proprietary products and embracing emerging technologies (cloud, IoT, web base solutions and security) to create the best-specialized outcome for our clients.

We care about the environment, which is a continuous process from concept to design and throughout the lifecycle.

We are keen about all surroundings like the places we live, learn, work, recreation centers, recover and socialize. The built environment links people and places through activities. Making buildings smarter and more efficient through technology is our THING.

We protect workers, buildings and company assets with complete services portfolio including supply, installation and maintenance of access control, time management, air conditioning, fire protection, CCTV-video surveillance, vehicle tracking, data center/server room raised floors, networking, cable management and among other services.



As a trusted business company, our mission is to provide quality lifestyle products and services to contribute to the growth of the country economy and to develop a network of competent distributors and partners to reach large and medium sized companies internationally while serving domestic customers directly.



Is to be the best service providers of Integrated Building Management Systems, Safety and Asset Management Solutions in Eastern Region of Africa through continuous improvement. IBMS will adapt and implement the latest technologies to bring quality lifestyle products and services to the market.